One of the largest copier traders in Europe

Trading in copiers, printers, wide format & production systems


Scandi Gruppen AB is one of the largest exporters of used photo copiers in Europe.

Scandi exports 40.000+ copiers per year to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific and Latin America.

Packaging and shipping

Offers professional and secure loading of copiers in shipping containers.

Offers customized rigid pallet boxes for shipping by truck and air.

Environment – ISO14001

Scandi has a long-term commitment to operate in an environmentally sound and sustainable way and was in 2006 ISO 14001 certified, a process for the control and the continuous improvement of the Company’s environmental performance.

Information security

Scandi has a strict Data Protection Policy to protect third-party information as well as an IT Policy for its staff. For Scandi’s suppliers of copiers, Scandi performs Hard Drive Sanitation at levels requested by its suppliers.


Scandi strives to use the most environmentally sound transport option for its long distance intra-European transports (pick up copiers), fully utilizing the available load space in every transport and using trailer-on-train when possible.

Scandi exports copiers in full shipping containers via European ports using river barges or trailer-on train for all its FOB-transports when possible.

We give used copiers a new life world wide